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Western Europe Region 

When: June 8-10 2018
Where: Reinhardshagen, Germany
  In June 2017, we had our annual meeting. We were pleased to welcome 2 new families ending up being 32 persons from 11 families. The age range of the XXYY boys and men was from 11 to 26 years.
  We met in Reinhardshagen in the beautiful Weser mountains region. The house fits us just perfect having a nice yard with a soccer field, a playground, a fire place a wooden-heated-oven and a forest and a swimming pool in the neighbourhood. The weather was just perfect and we all were very happy to get a chance to talk, discuss, cry and laugh together.
The boys love meeting up and one of the newbies said he wants to have a shared house with all the other boys there once he is grown up. One of the highlights was the pizza baking: we prepared a pizza dough and everybody made his own pizza which turned out just fantastic in the wooden heated outdoor oven. At night, we had a big barbecue. The boys loved swimming, some are good swimmers and one is just great at jumping from the 10 feet tower with a summersault.
The house is already booked for next year and we hope to welcome even more families as we know how precious this exchange is.

Contact: Kerstin Böttner, XXYY Events Manager, Europe
Phone: +49 4174-659872


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