XXYY, Autism & ADHD

XXYY has strong links to Autism and ADHD

In a study of XXYY Syndrome1 that included 92 patients, 28.3% had a previous diagnosis of Autism and 72.2% had a previous diagnosis of ADHD.  Even XXYY patients who are not diagnosed on the Autism spectrum have autistic-like features and executive function issues. Autism has also been associated with Klinefelter Syndrome2 (XXY).

That is why it is important for the XXYY Project to reach parents of boys who have Autism and/or ADHD to make sure that you have sought genetic testing.

Many boys and men with XXYY have similar facial features, plus several other physical features that are associated with the condition.  Does your son or patient look like the boys and men in these photos?  These are all different boys and men.

similar features

The XXYY Project has published the booklet (link below) to help parents of boys with autism and ADHD.  Boys and men with XXYY have very similar features and this booklet outlines all of the features of XXYY for you to compare to your son or your patients.

How to Identify XXYY

The XXYY Project is particularly concerned with adults who have an autism or ADHD diagnosis who have never had genetic testing.  We know that more genetic testing is being done on children with autism, but there may be adults out there who were never tested.

1Tartaglia N, Davis S, Hench A, Nimishakavi S, Beauregard R, Reynolds A, Fenton L, Albrecht L, Ross J, Visootsak J, Hansen R, Hagerman R. 2008. A new look at XXYY syndrome: Medical and psychological features. Am J Med Genet Part A 146A:1509–1522.

2Cederlöf M, Ohlsson Gotby A, Larsson H,  Serlachius E,  Boman M, Långström N, Landén M, Lichtenstein, P. Klinefelter syndrome and risk of psychosis, autism and ADHD.  Journal of Psychiatric Research, Volume 48, Issue 1, January 2014, Pages 128–130


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