XXYY Project Global


The XXYY Project is the global hub for all 48, XXYY families.  We are not just a U.S. group.  Because XXYY is rare, it is important that we all stick together in one place, while also supporting one another in our home countries.  While we do have active groups of XXYY Project members who organize events and have other ways in which they support one another, the XXYY Project is at the center of all things XXYY in the world.

If you know a XXYY family anywhere in the world, please refer them to us.  There are no other XXYY specific organizations in the world that are not connected to us.

There should be over 200,000 males living with XXYY in the World.  It is our goal to find as many of them as possible.  Every person we find contributes to what we know about XXYY Syndrome.

As you can see on our home page (on the right side), we have highlighted some of the other countries where we have active groups or where there are very few families and they want us to find more families.  We actually have registered XXYY families on every continent.

Visit our Events Page to see the events we will have all over the world in 2016.

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